Your bus on Bornholm.

Bornholms Museum
Sct. Mortensgade 29, Rønne.
Bornholm Museum is an approved cultural-historical museum of Bornholm and Christiansø.

Melstedgård – Museum of Agriculture
Melstedvej 25, Melsted

Bornholms Middelaldercenter
Stangevej 1, Østerlars
The medieval center is on 15 acres and approx. 500 meters from Østerlars round church. The Center works with the theme of culture and nature.

Bornholms Kunstmuseum
Helligdommen, Rø.
Bornholm Art Museum’s permanent collection consists of arts and crafts related to the island.

Ole Høst Museet
Løkkegade 35, Gudhjem
The island’s great artist Oluf Høst (1884-1966) now has his own museum in
Gudhjem – naturally located in the family home “Norresân”, which he built in
1929 and lived in until his death.

Grønningen 30, Åkirkeby.
With texts and illustrations, plants, animals and rocks plus inside- and outside activities with children the story of the bornholmian underground is told together with the present time multiple nature.

is Northern Europe’s largest medieval fortification, situated 74 metres (243 ft) above sea level on Hammeren, the northern tip of the Danish island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea. Erected in the 13th century, it was long believed that the castle was built as a private residence for the archbishop of Lund. However, new evidence found at the ruins of the castle suggests it was constructed in the beginning of the century as a royal residence for Valdemar II of Denmark and a base for the Danish crusades, according to Kjeld Borch Westh, superintendent of the National Museum of Denmark.

Bornholms Rovfugleshow
Lundsgårdsvej 4, Nyker.
The fascination of birds is definitely present by the Bornholm Birds of Prey Show.

Bornholms Tekniske Samling
Østre Borregård, Borrelyngvej 48, Allinge.
A museum with all sorts of old things and machines from our grandparents’ time.

Bornholms Automobil Museum
Grammegårdsvej 1, Åkirkeby.
A unique collection of vehicles.

“Grønbechs Gård” in Hasle
Centre of Arts and Crafts of Bornholm – is a unique exhibition and culture house at Hasle. “Grønbechs Gård” is located in an old merchant house built in the 1890s and its 1.500 m2 is after a total restoration worth a visit.
“Grønbechs Gård” presents Bornholm’s largest exhibition of Arts and Crafts made on Bornholm in cooperation with the censured association ACAB (Arts and Crafts Association Bornholm): Glass, ceramic, textile, metal and wood. The permanent exhibition gives the visitors a unique opportunity to become acquainted with the arts and crafts people here and is a good starting point for visiting the many workshops on Bornholm.

Gudhjem Glasrøgeri
By the Harbour in Gudhjem.
Pernille Bastrup has exhibited in art societies, galleries and museums at home and abroad.

Baltic Sea Glass Bornholm
Melstedvej 47, Gudhjem (on the road to Svaneke).
Maibritt Jönsson and Pete Hunner began their joint artistic career, since they started Baltic Sea Glass back in 1981. The couple is represented in numerous museums and galleries around the world and can look back on several major exhibition tours around the globe.

Serve the following routes all summer long: Bornholm–Christiansø (year round); Simrishamn–Allinge; Copenhagen–Allinge and on to Christiansø (coach between Copenhagen (Denmark) and Simrishamn (Sweden).
Umbrella organization for the Bornholm golf clubs and courses.

Bornholms Golf Klub
Plantagevej 3 B, Rønne – Telefon 5695 6854

Nexø Golf Klub
Strandmarksvejen 14, Nexø – Telefon  5648 8987

Rø Golfbaner, Nordbornholm
Gudhjem Golfklub, Spellingevej 1, Rø – Telefon 5648 4050

Amusements, water park and zoo near Svaneke.

MY´s Antik & Kunst
Hovedgade 7, Snogebæk.

Lov i Listed
Hans Thygesensvej 27, Svaneke.
Danish and Swedish furniture from the 1800s, felt and ceramics.

Nordbornholms Røgeri
Kæmpestranden 2, Allinge – Telefon 5648 0730

Cinema in Gudhjem
Brøddegade 10, Gudhjem – Telefon 5648 6066

Bornholms Sommerfuglepark
Gl. Rønnevej 14 b, Nexø
The tropical house is home to more than 1,000 exotic butterflies. You can also see an exhibition on silk.

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